The Digital Realm
~~~An enchanted world of the unusual and creative~~~
Electronica, often canned 'Techno', debatably originated in Europe in the late 1970's as an experimental musical genre,
generated from various electronic mediums(like
computers, synthesizers, samplers, etc......).
In the last 35 years or so, the influence of  mainstream music played a role in the sprouting of many branches
of the digital musical tree:  Techno:(
Trance/Industrial), Disco/80's (house), Reggae/Hip Hop(Drum and Bass) and so on......
Below are links to some interesting sites & my favorite record store to explore. Feel free to email me for more info....

Psytribe - Psychedelic Trance from Europe/Israel; lively somewhat wild, fast paced and psychedelic.

Groove Riders One of the oldest running stores offering Vinyl, turntablke accessories and cool clothing...

Frequency 8 Records
Celebrating over a decade of music from the Legendary DJ Mars
and S.F. Underground scene hero's like Mystre, Dyloot, and so many more.
LA fans enjoyed for years from clubs to private digs to the wilderness.....

Private Parties, Past events available via email request only Gary to DJ your event...

DJ 2 DJ Pro Studio GaryGenya

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