Friends Bands and Favorite Venues
I have hung out and performed in many a place in the LA area. I have found great a community of talented artists.
Alas, many of my favorite places have come and gone. However, a few of my friends are still 'playing out' and having a good time.
Others have created cool spaces for local music and I listed a couple links for for events and contacts below.....
Thanks for supporting local artists, Gary.

The Neil Deal
The Awesome Neil Young Tribute Band remembers the Crazy Horse Days as well as other favorites of Neil's Career. They have toured the House of Blues, Club Lingere, ands many
Clubs and Festivals around town. check Them out at:
The Neil Deal

Paul and I did open 'mikes' over a decade ago. Since then he created Kulak's Woodshed, to support local talent. The Woodshed is a combination of a cafe, living room studio, & live webcasting station. He survived possible closings & zoning issues with the help of local artists which kept this favorite spot alive. Find out more at
Michaels Bar and Grill
Michael's is my favorite Cajun, Steak & Seafood house;
Built by the owner of the famed Mardi Gras Restaurant,
Karaoke 3 nights weekly, and Smokin' Friday Nights
by my friend, DJ Juan(occasional spins by Gary Justice).
Usually a mix of Hip Hop, 80's & Latin grooves....
Just right to to kick off your weekend...
More info at Michael's Website

The precise attention to detail elevates HEARTLESS above entertainers with note-perfect live renditions of Ann and Nancy Wilson’s music.  HEARTLESS will make you think you’re hearing the real thing....
Sheena Sheena Metal
Sheena Metal has been supporting artists for years through her website, promoting and creating cool events like Festival of the Egg. Her Music Highway site was set up for helping artists to get exposure and contacts. Her website is

oil me down lcd
Purple Crush
combines hip-hop, rock, and funk to produce an
 "irresistible groove". Purple Crush was the Creation
 of  Isla and Jared, Students in Brooklyn, NY.
Coming to LA, they built a full band which promptly
put Purple Crush in demand throughout the most
popular clubs in Southern California, and earned record
sales and airplay in NYC and Southern Cali.

Info, Calendar and Music at:

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