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In the 50's and 60's came the beat movement in San Francisco. A new form of  artistic expression arose and changed America. From then on, 'poetry' would never be the same. Thanks to a spark in the 90's from grunge rock, coffee houses, new artists, and readings again sprouted up all over the US. From Chicago came the first 'Slam' reading, and now in Southern California, there are roughly a hundred venues. I've spent over 10 years in the scene. I've seen Prose, Free Verse, Slam, Hip Hop, Beat, Classical and journalistic readings performed, from streets to halls to clubs. We even created a poetic rave called Bionic Beats. I've listed some of my favorites readings, sites and a few friends. Check it out or email me if you have any questions..........Gary

The Rapp Saloon
Fridays in Santa Monica
At Hosteling International(Youth Hostel), 1436 2nd street (Above Broadway)
Reading starts at 9:00p, signup at 8:30
The reading was created by my poetic 'brother' Pete Justus,  and  Jack Shafer
who is  greatly missed and  respected member  of our community (r.i.p.)
Revolving hosts including poetic vetrans, including Mani Suri and Dave Nordling,
and other friends form the scene.
Poetry and acoustic music welcome. A great room with natural verb.
I co-hosted this reading and appreciate your supporting my friends..
**Look for the old brick building(west side) and enter through the youth hostel.
Please check in with the desk attendant.

Cobalt Cafe
Tuesday in Canoga Park, 22047 Sherman Way   818.348-3789.
Reading at 9:00 pm, Sign up before 9:00. One drink minimum.
readers ususally get 6-7 minutes at the microphone! All ages. No content restrictions.
Hosted by Rick Lupert.
This is a groovy, wide open coffee venue.
Rick has been a long-time friend and supporting many events and projects.

Pasadena Public Library
Santa Catalina Branch, Saturday Afternoons  2-4:00pm
999 E. Washington Blvd, Pasadena(2 Blks East of  Lake-north side Washington)
Hosted by Don "Kingfisher" Campbell
Long Established reading near Old Town Pasadena.
Don's webpage with poetry sites + SGV Valley events.....
Dons old Webpage is currently off line. Stay tuned for upday or 'Google' Don


  Poetic Diversity
A community of spoken word artists web page created by
Marie Lecrivain, author of dark novelletes and many other works.
She discovered our poetry scene recently, and celebrates her experience
of the spoken word at
Marie has brought in other acclaimed writers and, spoken word artists and
welcomes submissions from all writers from every poetic persuasion,
including 'yours truly' Gary Justice.

Poetix. net
This is a central site with current events and dozens of event
and venue listings at This site is an artistists collective,
Respects to Larry Jaffe, Murray Thomas, Jack Bowman, Jerry Hicks,
and the rest of the Poetix team.

This is the site for a local collaboration of great writers and spoken word artists. The longest tenured members are: Frankie Drayus, Wayman Barnes, and Charlotte O'Brien. They have sponsored, hosted, or just supported dozens of events in So Cal. Much respect & Gratitude for their coverage of Bionic Beats(by Justice & Yaryan).
and venue listings at


Donn Dedonn
Renaissance man, poet, and sage. Was the first artist/host to offer me a poetic feature.
Donn is backed up by his 'first' lady of poetry, Heather Long, another brilliant writer in
her own right. Donn is a true gentleman and longtime friend. He also co-created the
long running series, Poetic License with Larry Jaffe, and later co-hosted with Deon Standlee
and Brandon Backhaus. Good memories.

Larry Jaffe
A dedicated writer, event producer and International performer.
He created or organized many readings and projects, including Poetic License,
Poets for Peace and Budda Jam. See more info on

Don Campbell
This school teacher and poetry vetran supports many events & has been
keeping the verb alive in the San Gabriel Valley.
See also here: the Writing Empowerment Project, & the Wrinting Rountable here.

Jack Bowman
Musician and Poet  longtime supporter of the SG Valley scene.
Also collaborator

Rachel Kahn
Creator of Chromosome-X and CO-Lab,
Features host,  longtime performer of
spoken word, music, DJ's and other special events.
A supporter of up & coming artists.

Michael Sonksen
'Mike the Poet' heads up the Round Table Poets, Slam & Urban Beat team.
Spoken Word, Freestylers and also works with DJ's. Often plays clubs.
Friend and artist. You are Alive in Los Angeles!

More respects to:
Jim Bolt, Michelle Daugherty, Jeanne Spicuzza, Anthony & Agustus,
Brandon Backhaus, Deon Standlee,Marie Lecrivain, Steve Barata, Terry Mccarthy,
Toni Arthur, Ken Scott, Ed Houston, Jeff Jurgens, Etelle Childres,
Debbie Allen, Sean Sanneman, Ben Porter Lewis, Milo, the Onxy Poets,
Carmen Vega, and William McClaine (RIP)....

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