Gary Justice is a musician, spoken word artist who has been performing since 1985 in Southern California. Gary Plays several Instruments, including Guitar, Harmonica and Percussion.

He has integrated these elements in live performances, and in his first album
Dancing with the Machine , A collage of songs poems, and percussion.

In 2000, Gary Created Justive Live Sound & began producing live events . Gary featured a diverse array of artists including Musicians, poets, independant film & visual artists.
He Co-Prduced Conscious Vibes, a live Jazz & Poetry  improv with Michael Rai, and Bionic Beats, the Underground Poetic cabaret with Daniel Yaryan of Futureman Propaganda.

As a DJ, he is handling events ranging from formal dinners to outdoor festivals. His library of sound features popular dance music, as well as a diverse selection of sounds used for dance theater and themed events. Contact Gary via email or call 818-259-7003 for your next event.




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